Best Cheap Electric Bikes

When electric bikes came into the market, they were a reserve for the financially flexible. You’d have to part with a pretty penny to get your hands on a new bike.

But that’s not the case anymore…things have changed!

While expensive electric bikes will always exist in the market, there are more affordable options that you can buy today. Manufacturers are doing their best to cater to the budget buyer as the market for e-bikes keeps on growing around the world. 

One thing you should be careful about, though, is that a low-price could mean quality issues. So, to ensure you never get disappointed by your purchase, let us look at the best cheap electric bikes on sale. 

SWAGTRON Swagcyle EB5 Pro – Best Cheap E-bike

SWAGTRON Swagcyle EB5 Pro

The Swagcycle is a cheap but  powerful electric bike that will serve you diligently when commuting to work. It comes with a fold-and-lock mechanism that allows you to collapse it into a small frame for easy and convenient storage.

It is a compact bike with an aluminum frame, which results in lightweight construction for easy control of the ride. All the electric components, including the battery, are nicely integrated into the frame, leaving you with a sleek-looking bike that resembles other ordinary models. 

This bike is fitted with an adjustable handlebar and seat to suit different rider sizes. It also enables you to achieve the ideal geometry for a comfortable ride. A third wheel at the back helps to maximize your stability on all kinds of rides. 

For the electric components, you get a 250W hub motor that can push you to a top speed of 15mph on throttle mode only. But if you add on some pedaling effort, the EB5 Pro will have you reaching up to 20mph. Best Cheap Electric Bikes

The motor is backed by a 36V lithium-ion battery that offers a range of up to 15.5 miles on a full charge cycle. However, this will require between 4 and 5 hours of charging to get back to full capacity. 

Lastly, the Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Pro comes fully assembled, so you can take it on the trail as soon as it is delivered!

Nakto Mini Cruise Cheap Fat Tire E-Bike

Nakto Mini Cruise Fat Tire E-Bike

Thanks to the fat tires on this bike, you’ll be able to go on technical rides and take on rough trails without struggling. The Nakto Mini Cruiser features a front suspension fork to ensure you stay comfortable when the ride gets rough and bumpy. 

It is also equipped with a 6-speed Shimano gear drivetrain to provide the flexibility to cope with a variety of terrains and slopes during your off-road adventure. Although most electric bikes are generally heavier compared to regular bikes, the Nakto weighs a decent 60lbs, which is pretty manageable.

The frame is strong enough to support up to 250lbs of rider weight. Meanwhile, the bulky tires are a nice addition that you won’t easily find at this price range. They serve to enhance the bike’s versatility, enabling you to ride on all kinds of unfriendly surfaces while enjoying the same level of performance. 

The manufacturer used a 36V 10Ah lithium battery on this bike, which manages to deliver a range of around 30 miles. This means the bike is not the best option when you want to go for long-distance rides. 

It is also propelled by a 300W motor that offers a maximum speed of 20mph on pedal-assist. For a speed demon, this may not bring a thrill but then again you get what you pay for!



Of all the cheap electric bike models in the market, the Ancheer is possibly one of the best electric mountain bikes you can get. It boasts a combination of high-performance specs, including a high-speed motor, 24-speed shifter, as well as powerful disc brakes. Not to mention that it offers the perfect balance between performance and price. 

This bike is made out of an aluminum frame for strength and reinforced with a high-grade carbon steel fork. When you add the efficient shock absorbers, you can look forward to a comfortable ride on any kind of surface. 

You get to choose from three pedal assist levels when riding the Ancheer and this is done from the handlebar-mounted controller. Alternatively, you can use the pure electric mode when you don’t want to arrive at your destination a hot mess. 

The bike is powered by a 350W motor that will let you achieve a top speed of 28mph on pedal assist and 20mph on throttle mode. It is also backed by a lithium-ion battery that can last for 23-45 miles depending on the level of motor assiantace. 

The battery pack comes with an interesting casing that resembles a thermos. This not only looks good but also throws off people into thinking you’re riding a normal bike. 

Finally, the handlebar angle and height can be adjusted to suit your position of comfort. The same is true for the seat height!

ANCHEER Cheap Folding E-bike

ANCHEER Cheap Folding E-bike

This folding e-bike from Ancheer is an impressive choice for those who want to spend modestly on a battery-powered transporter. It features an aluminum alloy frame with front tube construction. This helps to deliver a lightweight yet strong enough frame to serve you for the long haul.

A high-grade carbon steel front fork on the bike helps to absorb shock on rough and bumpy rides to keep you comfortable. The fork is also paired with double-layered alloy wheels to offer a smooth and easy ride on any punishing terrains you take on. 

The Ancheer folding e-bike is outfitted with a 250W motor that is powerful enough to propel you to a top speed of 15.5mph. You can also choose between pure electric bike mode and pedal-assist mode, depending on the kind of ride you want to have. 

The motor gets its power from a 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery that can deliver up to 30 miles of riding, depending on the motor assistance you’re getting. You’ll be able to remove the battery when you want to recharge, ensuring that you can continue riding the Ancheer like a normal bike. 

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner


This is the cheapest model you can buy from Rad Power Bikes, a company that has made a name for itself by producing high-performance but cheap urban-friendly electric bikes. The RadRunner features a simple design that allows for effortless customization. It is a great choice for casual riders who want a bike to cruise around town. 

The frame of the RadRunner is manufactured out of sturdy 6061 aluminum material, and  paired with a steel fork for a rugged build. To ensure that you can conveniently upgrade and customize this bike, the manufacturer used simple components on it with very few stock accessories. 

The bike rides on small 20” wheels, which means it may not be a nice fit for big body individuals. You also get mechanical disc brakes to offer decent performance when you want to stop a high-speed ride. 

Finally, the bike features a comfortable Velo saddle, as well as a bunch of urban-friendly features. These include a front and back wheel fender, a front basket, storage racks, just to name a few. 


It’s never too late to get on the electric bike bandwagon! On the bright side, you won’t have to spend as much as your predecessors did to get your hands on a functional package. This article revisits some of the best cheap electric bikes available to you!

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