Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have become an integral part of public transportation in today’s world. They offer a convenient way of moving from point A to B without the hassle and prove to be suitable for a range of purposes. 

Whether you need to commute to work on a daily, run a quick errand in town, or get in some cycling exercise, there’s always an e-bike for that purpose. However, exploring the off-road trails and tackle backcountry roads needs a special type of e-bike.

A fat tire electric bike allows you to plow through all kinds of unforgiving surfaces to get anywhere you want to go. While there are so many brands in the market, this article looks at the best fat tire electric bikes you can buy! 

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner – Best Fat Tire

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

The RadRunner will come in handy when you want to haul cargo on a tricky road surface. Despite its fat tires, the bike is nimble enough to ensure you always meet your deadlines. It has a convenient step-through frame design that saves you time when you want to get on or off the bike.

Several mounts have been included on the front while rear racks help to increase the carrying capacity of the RadRunner. There’s still an option of adding a center console for extra storage space between your legs. 

For the racks at the front and back, you can choose between storage options such as baskets, panniers, bags, platforms, etc. to ensure that no luggage is left behind. The frame is constructed using durable but lightweight aluminum material that makes for agile performance on the road.

When it comes to the electric components, a 750-watt rear hub motor propels the e-bike to a top speed of 20mph while providing enough torque to clear hilly roads without breaking a sweat. Backing the motor is a Lithium battery pack that offers up to 45 miles of range per charge. 

The RadRunner rolls on 3.3” wide puncture-resistant Kenda tires to ensure that nothing is slowing down your journey. These roll smoothly on all kinds of rough surfaces, ensuring that you can take the fat tire e-bike wherever you want to go. 

Electric Juggernaut MDV Bike

Electric Juggernaut MDV

If you’re looking for something more stable on the rocky and loose off-road trails, you might want to try the three wheels on the Electric Juggernaut MDV. This bike features an unusual design but that will be a quick oversight once you see it in action. 

It is fitted with a big 1000W motor that you can use either in throttle or pedal assist mode. Its unorthodox design features an extra wheel at the front which, unfortunately, increases the overall weight of the package.

Nevertheless, an internal AND rear wheel gearing helps to maximize its power on the road. The 4.8” extra-wide Maxxis fat tires will come in handy when riding through snow and sandy paths. You also get extra grip and cushioning on loose surfaces thanks to the third tire. 

Despite the unusual make, the bike rides like any other two-wheel electric bike in the market. Overall, you will have a fun time riding the Juggernaut over tricky and problematic trails that you once could not conquer. 

Whether it is through inches of snow, on the beach sand, or in the depth of a rocky wilderness, this bike is always rearing to go! Lastly, it is equipped with a 15Ah battery that offers you up to 53 miles of range. 

ECOTRIC Snow Fat E-bike

Ecotric fat tire snow e bike

If you are tired of locking yourself inside when the winter season comes, this bike allows you to get outside with nothing to limit your movements. The Ecotric snow electric fat tire bike boasts a stylish look highlighted by a stealth black frame color. 

It is fitted with a powerful 1000W electric motor to make light work of depths of snow in your way. But when it stops snowing, its reliable shock-absorbing suspensions, as well as sturdy mountain tires deliver the versatility to go on off-road adventures and even commute to work with. 

On a full charge cycle, the battery can last at least 25 miles, although the actual range will be determined by how much assistance you get from the motor. The Ecotric snow e-bike is delivered 90% assembled, meaning you’ll have little trouble getting it up and ready to go!

W Wallke X3 Pro26 E Bike

W Wallke X3 Pro26 Fat tire e bike

Some people refer to the W Wallke X3 as the “Tesla of electric bikes” for a good reason. The bike features a powerful 750W electric motor to go with an upgraded LCD. It also employs superior workmanship in its construction with extreme attention to detail, resulting in a high-performance electric fat tire back.

The Pro26 was designed to replace your vehicle commute. It offers up to 55 miles of just electric power on a single charge and the motor has enough torque to get you to top speeds of 28mph. 

If you can manage its $2000 range price tag, this fat tire bike will impress you with its high-quality features. The high-speed brushless motor proves superior on the trail while the battery offers twice the juice you get from most brands in the market. 

The battery is also concealed inside the frame of the bike to result in a seamless appearance with no visible cables. The bike’s entire body is made out of aluminum alloy, making for a sturdy but lightweight construction.

Other notable features include ergonomic leather handles, foldable pedals, as well as a cushiony silicone seat to provide you with a satisfying ride. 

Addmotor Motan M5500 Fat Tire E bike

Addmotor Motan M5500 Fat Tire E bike

The Addmotor Motan M5500 is a high-performance fat tire e-bike that will see you conquer all kinds of unforgiving trails. The bike was designed to outperform its competitors in the market and you’ll get the idea when you take a look at its specifications. 

Firstly, the M5500 boasts a 1250W rear-mounted brushless motor that will propel you to a neck break top speed of 60mph. This ensures that you can never run behind schedule, no matter the conditions. 

The powerful motor is paired with a high-grade 16Ah battery to ensure that you get consistent performance on the road. This will provide you with enough juice to last you for the next 50 miles. An aluminum alloy frame helps to deliver a strong and lightweight bike that you’ll have fun managing while riding. 

Finally, the M5500 rolls on 26” fat-tire wheels that will take on all kinds of terrains, including tarmac, snow, gravel, mud, as well as sand! 


If you want to experience the joy of off-road trails, a fat tire electric bike is the kind of machine you need. The models above will be a  great place to start when you decide to visit the electric bike store!

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