Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

Despite their growing popularity around the globe, some people still steer clear of electric bikes because of their price. Word on the street is that electric bikes are expensive and this is an idea that, unfortunately, many people run away with. 

If only they conducted a little due diligence, they’d discover that there are actually some price-friendly electric bike models in the market! Manufacturers acknowledge the increasing demand for these practical machines and have been rolling out low-cost units to address the demands of the budget buyer. 

So, if you’ve been searching for a powered bike that won’t blow your budget, here are the best electric bikes under $1000. 

Nakto City Electric Bike under $1000

Nakto City Electric Bike

For a nice city bike that you can use to cruise around town, the Nakto City Electric Bike will be a wonderful choice. It is comfortable, fast, and convenient, making for the ideal utility bike to run errands with, commute to work, or simply ride for recreational purposes.  

The bike comes with urban-friendly specs like a cargo basket, rear rack, LED headlight, and even a kickstand. It is powered by a 250W brushless motor, which provides enough oomph to push you to a maximum speed of 15.5mph, which is pretty decent for a city bike.

Backing the motor is a 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery that manages a range of 17-23 miles on pedal-assist mode. The Nakto City e-bike is also fitted with hydraulic disc brakes to offer a strong braking performance while its air suspension fork ensures that you remain comfortable over bumps and curbs. 

You can get this bike in two different frame designs. One is suitable for male riders while the other one comes with a step-through frame that is a better fit for women. The Shimano 6-speed gear system offers several gearing options that you can switch between according to the terrain. 

Lastly, you can easily switch from pedal-assist to throttle with just a flip of the switch if you want a fully relaxed ride!

Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Pro Plus ebike

Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Pro Plus ebike

The SwagCyle EB5 Pro Plus from Swagtron is proof that great things actually come in small packages. This pocket Hercules comes with a collapsible design that folds three times into a very compact frame. As such, you can comfortably stow it away in the car trunk or fit it under your work desk so that there’s no worrying about parking fees. 

Despite its tiny build, the bike is fitted with a decent battery to offer you around 15.5 miles on a full charge cycle. The battery is also removable, letting you switch to a standby battery and continuing your ride as the main battery charges externally.

Its 250W motor also offers decent power for a small bike, but it may not be of much consequence on a steep climb. The frame of the bike is adjustable, which makes the Swagcycle EB5 a suitable choice for both teens and adults. 

Thanks to the aluminum frame, the bike is pretty lightweight; and at only 37 pounds, you’ll have an easy time managing the ride. Overall, the Swagtron Swagcycle EB5 Pro Plus will be an excellent acquisition for a student!

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Bike

Ancheer Power Plus Electric Bike under $1000

The Ancheer Power Plus e-bike is a nice way to keep your budget grounded when spending on an electric bike. Although it is not a premium quality bike, it still offers you the best you can get for the money. 

The bike is propelled by a 250W brushless motor that should suffice on any terrain you ride on. You can choose between pedal-assist and throttle only mode but you’d want to inject in some pedal power on uphill climbs if you want to preserve the battery power. 

Design-wise, you’ll have a hard time telling it apart from a regular bike, except maybe for the exposed motor. The battery, meanwhile, is cleverly disguised as a thermos and people will have to look closer to know you are riding an electric bike. 

The overall build of the bike is sturdy and the frame is made out of 100% alloy, as well as a carbon steel front fork. You get to choose between three different speed modes when riding the Ancheer Power Plus, ranging from low and medium to high.

When using the throttle mode, the bike will push you to a maximum speed of 18mph but this increases to 30mph when you use pedal-assist mode. Luckily, your journey doesn’t stop when you run out of battery power. You can still ride it like any other ordinary bike. 

Finally, we appreciate the additional features that increase the practicality of this bike in an urban environment, including a horn and LED headlight. 

Speedrid Big Wheels Fat Tire Electric Bike for less than $1000

Speedrid Big Wheels Fat Tire Electric Bike under $1000

Riding on off-road trails and backcountry routes can take a toll on the most experienced of riders. However, the whole ordeal is made easier when you have a powerful beast like the Speedrid fat tire e-bike. 

The big wheels on this bike will plow through inches of snow, gravel roads, muddy paths, and sandy terrain. It practically takes on anything you throw its way. The tires come with MTB grips, which enhance traction on loose and slippery surfaces. 

You also get a powerful 500W motor to offer enough torque to drive you up hills with relative ease. The removable battery allows you to recharge it away from the bike, which brings about a sense of convenience. 

Aceshin “20 Electric Bike

Aceshin “20 Electric Bike

This is another folding electric bike that will be convenient for your daily commute. It packs down small and you can hop into the train with it or even fit it inside a cupboard when you want to store it at home. 

The Aceshine “20 bike comes equipped with a 250-watt brushless motor to delivers a maximum speed of up to 20mph. Its 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery offers a decent range for you to enjoy the ride but it will need 4-6 hours to fully recharge when it runs out of juice. This can seem like an eternity for any eager enthusiast. 

You can ride the electric bike in three different modes, which include Pure electric, Assisted bike, and Normal bike. This means your ride doesn’t have to come to a stop when you can no longer enjoy the power of the motor. 

Depending on the nature of the terrain, you can select the appropriate pedal-assist mode or utilize the complete burst of speed by turning on the throttle. Finally, the Aceshin is fitted with a bright LED headlight, as well as a horn to enhance your safety on public streets. 


As more people look to join the electric biking bandwagon, you can’t afford to be left behind. The good thing is that you can get your hands on a functional e-bike that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This post gives you a few examples of the best electric bikes under $1000 you can buy!

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