Best Electric Bikes Conversion Kits

Electric bikes have been a revelation in the world of personal transportation and more people are flocking bike stores to get a unit. However, their Achilles heel, for most potential buyers, is the price. A new electric bike can cost quite a bit of money, which also proves to be way beyond the budget that some people have set aside. 

On the bright side, you don’t always need to buy a new bike to own an e-bike, especially if you already have a conventional bike. All you need is an electric bike conversion kit and you can transform your regular bike into a functional and decent quality e-bike. 

But not all conversion kits in the market will deliver the kind of performance you desire, that is why in this post, we look at the best electric bike conversion kits available to you!

Bafang 8FUN Mid-Drive Kit

Bafang 8FUN Mid-Drive Kit

The Bafang 8FUN is one of the most reliable conversion kits you can buy. It is a mid-drive conversion system that offers two working modes. You have the choice of using either a throttle only mode or a pedal-assist mode to get the forward thrust needed to propel the bike. 

This package comes with a powerful 750W motor, as well as a 48V 12Ah lithium-ion battery, which gives the bike the ability to take steep hills and other tricky terrains. The benefit of having the Bafang 8FUN is that you can install it on any kind of bike, including road bikes, mountain bikes, fat-tire bikes, and even cruisers.

The kit is relatively easy to set up; with the right skills, you’ll need just about an hour to turn your modest regular bike into a motorized beast. The brushless motor delivers a torque of 160Nm, meaning your converted bike will have a powerful top speed and make light work of difficult climbs. 

We also like the responsiveness of the system and the included power cut-off brake system is a useful safety feature. Furthermore, you get an LCD that displays ride data such as battery percentage, pedal-assist level, mileage, etc. 

The only grievance about the Bafang 8FUN is its expensive price!

AW Front Wheel Kit

AW Front Wheel Kit

AW has earned a good reputation when it comes to the manufacture of e-bike conversion kits. Their front wheel system comes with a 24” or a 26” wheel variant at 1000W/750W. This gets easier when you have a regular bike with similar dimensions. 

The kit features a powerful motor that functions on 36V at 750W or 48V at 1000W, and this will depend on the size of the tire you opt for. Generally, it is recommended that you get a 750W motor for a front-wheel-drive since the 1000W motor comes with so much power that it may be a little bit overwhelming.

The motor is brushless and delivers a noiseless performance. It can propel your bike to a top speed of 28mph, which should be a wonderful experience for someone accustomed to riding a traditional bike. 

You also get a dual-mode controller that operates under Hall and non-Hall effect, which serves to prolong the life of your electric bike. The included LCD displays telemetry data such as distance, speed, battery condition, pedal-assist mode, as well as error codes for purposes of troubleshooting. 

Lastly, there is a Pedal Assist Sensor that picks up your pedal cadence before adjusting the motor turning rate accordingly. This ensures that you enjoy the motor assistance without necessarily engaging the throttle. 

Eventually, it saves you the pain of continuously holding on to the throttle on those long-distance expeditions. 

Petrolscooter Front Wheel Conversion Kit

Petrolscooter Front Wheel Conversion Kit

This is a functional e-bike kit that will offer great value for your money. It won’t dent your bank account as the Bafang 8FUN would, but it still manages to leave you with a practical converted e-bike. 

The kit is delivered with a high-grade 1000W brushless motor that can push you from 0-35mph in under 9 seconds; this is a pretty punchy acceleration. You also get a 26” wheel and a tire that will be the new front wheel of your refurbished bike. 

Aside from the motor and front wheel, this conversion kit comes with all the other electrical components you’ll need for your bike. However, you’ll need to buy the battery separately. Just make sure that it is compatible with the 1000W motor. 

Overall, the Petrolscooter is a great bargain if you have a limited budget to spend on an e-bike conversion kit. 

Voilamart Front Wheel Kit

Voilamart Front Wheel Kit

This is another affordable front wheel kit you can find in the market. It will cost you less than $200 but delivers a performance that can still be considered decent. The kit offers you two options as far as the front hub motor is concerned. 

You can choose between a 36V 500W motor that will deliver a speed of 16-22mph and a 48V 1000W that offers a 28-30mph speed. Apart from the motor, the package comes with a 26” front wheel with a sturdy double-wall alloy rim, as well as a nylon tire. 

The Voilamart kit further offers a pedal-assist system and brake levers that will cut off motor power during braking. Other notable features in the package include an aluminum alloy controller that manages the power supply, a twist throttle, crank speed sensor for the pedal assist, an LCD to show the battery level, and more. 

If you decide to go with the 1000W motor, you’ll get two power modes that enable you to choose either a full 1000W power or 750W power whenever you’re using the throttle. The only electrical component you’ll have to acquire separately is the battery as this does not come with the kit. 

Aosom 26” Bike Kit

Aosom 26” Bike Kit

The Aosom e-bike conversion kit delivers 1000 watts of power to your bike, making it one of the most powerful systems you can invest in. It provides a price-friendly and convenient way of converting your pedal-powered two-wheeler to a battery-powered bicycle by installing a rear-wheel e-bike kit. 

The rear-wheel mounted motor is designed to be compatible with 26” wheels. Luckily, the wheel is also included in the kit and all that remains is to install the motor. The powerful engine will allow you to reach top speeds of up to 28mph and deliver a torque that will make it easy for you on climbs. 

On the downside, there are no brakes included in the kit and this may prove to be a cause for concern, especially with the kind of speed you’re adding to your bike. Luckily, you get a rechargeable lithium battery that offers long-lasting performance. 

You’ll be able to complete several riding sessions without the need to charge the battery overnight. The controller also displays the level of the charge, so that you don’t get caught off guard in the depth of the riding trail when the battery runs out of power!


The electric biking experience can work wonders for your daily commute to work or school. It makes riding a bike fun and convenient, regardless of the kind of shape you’re in. If you’re struggling to ride your traditional bike, the best e-bike conversion kits above offer you a chance to change your biking experience for the better!

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