Best Rad Power Electric Bikes

From humble beginnings, Rad Power Bikes grew to become the biggest electric bike brand in the U.S. Its popularity is not limited to the country but also overseas, with data from China showing that it is the most imported electric bike brand from America. 

Most buyers of Rad Power Bikes credit the manufacturer for managing to offer high-performance electric bikes at a price-friendly cost. There are at least 10 different models that have been released over the years. 

These cater to all types of rides, including recreational, commuter, cargo, and adventurer. In this post, we look at the best bikes to have come out of Rad Power Bikes!

RadRover Electric Bike

RadRover Electric Bike

The RadRover is a fat tire electric bike that was designed for commercial purposes. It has proven to be a crowd favorite since its introduction and comes with a versatile construction that can take you everywhere and anywhere.

The bike’s frame is made out of durable and lightweight aluminum material and offers an upright geometry for your riding comfort. You can also choose between a step-through and step-over frame design depending on your preference. 

The 4” wide tires the RadRover rolls on are best suited for off-road trails and do a great job of flattening bumps and rough patches on the trail. The inclusion of a front suspension further enhances the bike’s off-roading capabilities. 

Propelling this electric bike is a powerful 750W motor, which is paired with a long-range 672Wh battery. You also get a Shimano Altus drivetrain, as well as Tektro mechanical disc brakes for a strong braking performance. 

So, if you like taking on beaten paths during your biking adventures, the RadRover will be a nice option to consider. 

RadRunner E-Bike

RadRunner E-Bike

This is the most affordable of the Rad Power Bikes. It costs $200 less than its siblings and comes with a basic design to make for easy customization. It is a nice choice for those who stay in urban centers and want a practical electric bike for casual, everyday rides.

Despite its relatively minute frame, the RadRunner packs a punch! Its frame is made out of strong 6061 aluminum and this is reinforced with a steel fork to deliver a rugged construction. The manufacturer wanted to offer an affordable, versatile, and customizable e-bike with the RadRunner, that’s why it was fitted with simple components with few stock accessories for easy upgrades. 

The 20” wheels are fairly small but wide enough (3 inches) to clear potholes, curbs, and any rough roads you find yourself on. Mechanical discs brakes are used to bring the ride to a stop while a cozy Velo saddle helps to boost your comfort while riding. 

Overall, you can fit this bike with at least 330 accessory combinations, ranging from different seats, fenders, bags, to baskets, and more. If you want to spend the least amount on a Rad Power Bike, the RadRunner is the e-bike for you!

RadMini E-Bike

RadMini Electric Bike

If you want a folding electric bike, Rad Power Bikes offers the exciting RadMini! This unit comes with a versatile design that you can use for various activities, including your daily commute to work. It collapses to a small size that you can throw inside the car trunk, carry into the train, or even fit under your office desk.

The RadMini sports a very user-friendly design. You can fold it or unfold it in a few seconds, and this allows new users to have fun with it. Also, it features a customizable frame that lets you fit the bike with a range of accessories as per your needs. 

For a small foldable bike, the RadMini packs a lot of power. This can be credited to the high-grade 750W motor it is fitted with, which pushes the bike to a maximum speed of 20mph. Meanwhile, its high-capacity 672Wh battery ensures that you can ride for up to 45miles on a single charge cycle. 

Just like its siblings above, the RadMini uses mechanical disc brakes to bring the ride to a stop. To ensure your comfort, a plush saddle, as well as a front suspension fork, are included for when you ride on bumpy dirt roads and gravel paths. 

If you want a bike that will be a joy to ride to work and save you the trouble when it comes to storage, you can give the RadMini a try!

RadCity Electric Bike

RadCity EBike

Just like its name suggests, the Radcity was designed to be the ultimate urban commuter. It boasts a mix of features that deliver a comfortable city ride, including an upright geometry with swept-back handlebars. The bike is also highly customizable to let you fit all the urban-friendly accessories you desire. 

Its 18.5” frame can accommodate different rider sizes and is made out of aluminum to provide a nice balance between sturdiness and lightweight. It also has a step-through or step-over design, which will be a relief for heavy and old riders. 

What makes the RadCity such a practical city bike is its potential to carry lots of stuff. The bike has an integrated rack at the back where you can fit extra seats, bags, carriers, baskets, and more. This allows you to create space for your kid or any other luggage that you may want to carry. 

The 750W motor offers nice power while the 672Wh battery will provide you with between 25 and 45 miles of range, depending on the level of pedal-assist you are using. With its 18” frame, the RadCity may be too big for shorter riders.

Ideally, you should be between 5’11” and 6’5” to have fun with this amazing urban commuter.

RadWagon Power E-Bike

RadWagon Electric Bike

If you care about the environment and want to reduce the carbon footprint, the RadWgon will be an excellent replacement for your car. This bike comes with unlimited carrying capacity and allows you to take two of your kids to school and still throw in groceries when you go back home. 

In short, it is the ultimate family electric bike if you live in an urban area. The RadWagon is designed with a rugged 6061 aluminum frame, and this is paired with a rigid steel fork to make sure it doesn’t buckle under the pressure of the huge load it’s carrying. 

It is fitted with a 750W motor that produces a 40Nm torque to ensure you’re not slowed down by the weight of kids or groceries. You can use the throttle to give you the powerful start you need then switch to pedal-assist for power conservation. 

The bike also rolls on 2.3” wheels that offer decent performance both on the road and off-road riding situations. Its rear rack is fitted with bag holders that may also act as footrests when you have kids at the back. 

It doesn’t get more practical than the RadWagon if you’re looking for a cargo bike to use in the city! This is a workhorse that will get everything done for you; whether you want to haul your kids to school, carry groceries, or offer your pal a ride to town!


Rad Power Bikes had been a revolution for city dwellers looking for a practical electric bike at an affordable rate. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a unit, this post gives a good idea of the best Rad Power Bikes you can get!

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